Machining of valve seats

Only a few engine parts, like valves, seats and valve guides, are exposed to higher pressures. The valves form a closed system together with the seats and valve guides. The valve guides center the valve on the valve seat and counterbalance the forces acting on the sides of the valve stem, and are responsible for transferring heat to the cylinder head.  Together with the valve, the valve seats seal the combustion chamber against compression loss and dissipate heat.

The valve seats are machined using the SERDI 4.5 machine with triangular cutting discs. Its modern cutting discs cut even the hardest seats, such as those in trucks with the Euro 6 engine or the LPG valve seats. For racing cylinder heads, we have discs that will cut 5 corners on the valve seat in one go.

The seat is assembled using liquid nitrogen. There are 5 types of valve seat materials in stock in different sizes, each manufactured for a specific use. Choosing the right valve seat material is key to ensure a top quality cylinder head machining!

After machining, each valve seat (cylinder head) is vacuum tested to ensure that the machining has been performed successfully.


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