Engine block drilling

Engine block drilling is a part of engine block machining. Engine block drilling includes engine block cylinder drilling at the piston overhang or as preparation for installing the cylinder liner to achieve the specified factory dimensions. The main reasons for cylinder block drilling are various damages to the cylinder due to inadequate lubrication, engine overheating or improper lubrication where the oil layer between the piston and the cylinder wall tears, causing the piston to seal against the cylinder.


Our workshop is equipped with a wide selection of tools for cylinder drilling, correct measurement of cylinder geometry and a large selection of cylinder liners. If required, we can produce cylinder liners (sleeves) in various sizes in cooperation with foundries.


Newer car engines come with aluminum engine blocks with cylinders made of Alusil. In our workshop, we have acquired the technology to install Alusil cylinders. We install liners in engines with nickel cylinders as needed and when possible, ensuring their successful repair.


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