Welding of cylinder heads

Welding of aluminum and gray cast iron cylinder heads, personal, cargo and marine program. Before welding, each cylinder head is thoroughly cleaned and degreased. All fissures are opened and then prepared for welding. After the welding process is completed, all welds are machined and each cylinder head is pressure tested. After a successful pressure test, the cylinder head is assembled and the valve seats and guides are replaced if necessary.

Years of experience ensure that our welding of cylinder heads is highly successful. Welded cylinder heads are often a better choice for engine repair than new replacement cylinder heads of lower quality. While the main reason for cylinder head cracking is thermal stress or engine overheating, it is also common for the defects to be mechanical, such as valve cracking or the engine block being punctured by the piston rod. While seemingly irreparable, such defects are successfully repaired and frequently are easier to deal with than the deep cracks caused by engine overheating.

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