Engine and short engine assembly

To the customers that we provide engine machining and supplying parts for, we also offer assembly of short engines (completion of engine block) and assembly of engines (short engine + cylinder head). Each assembly starts with a detailed washing of the block, crankshafts and other engine parts.  We remove the oil plugs on the engine block and crankshaft, after which everything is thoroughly brushed and rinsed. The thoroughly cleaned engine block is placed on the engine assembly stand, while all other parts are placed on the workbench for final testing. After the parts are visually checked, the parameters of the treated surfaces are measured in terms of plain bearings, pistons and links. By checking the parameters, we also check if the parts that have been purchased have any factory defects or wrong packaging. When crankshafts, bearings, connecting rods and pistons are assembled in the engine block, this type of assembly is called a half-engine. 

The engine assembly is the same process as the short engine assembly with the upgrade of the cylinder head gasket and the complex cylinder head. Each assembled engine and short engine in our archive comes with a recorded history of the installed parts and parameters, and we provide operating manuals with each delivered assembled engine.


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