Engine block honing

Engine block honing is part of machining of engine blocks. After drilling the engine block at the piston overhang or securing the block with new liners, the block cylinders must be honed to achieve a meshed working surface that meets factory specifications. Honing also ensures that the cylinder bore geometry is accurate. When replacing pistons or links, if the cylinder dimension is within parameters, there is no need to drill the cylinder, instead we need to start honing the cylinder immediately for the refurbishing of the meshed surface structure.

In our workshop, we mostly use diamond grinders for honing, which have less abrasion, less grinding waste on the cylinder walls, and the meshed structure is more pronounced.

We offer the honing service of all cylinder dimensions, from personal, cargo and marine program. We are experienced and well prepared for the honing of air-cooled cylinders of aircraft engines and for the honing of Alusil cylinders.


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