Machining of con rods

Con rod connects piston to the crankshaft.  Checking and machining of con rods is an integral step while reconditioning any engine.  When machining the con rod, the first step is to check the piston rod itself for any misalignment or distortion (not visible to the naked eye) using a special tool designed in our workshop. The second step is to check the bushings and, if necessary, replace the con rod bushing on the machine for machining of piston rods.

For the more advanced con rod machining, our workshop is equipped with the connecting rod honing machine Sunnen LBB-1660. We can hone all dimensions of rod bushings with precision stone segments, and in the case of flat-seat rods, we can restore the geometry of the big end bearing bore and repair often unusable piston rods, thereby saving money to purchase new piston rods.  The con rod honing is a special process designed for forged or titanium piston rods, e.g. racing program. 


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